Djelem djelem
A never ending trip
Djelem djelem is the anthem of the gipsy people, and means more or less "Walk walk", wich really fits well on them, because they are nomads since the beginings of their history.
Those pictures wer taken in Nadeszdha, Bulgaria, one of the biggest gipsy gethos remaining in Europe, and
are a part of a bigger project, a film documentary about gipsies, wich now is in  its produccion process.

We are all the same under the sun. We are human beigns. We have brothers and sisters, mothers and grandparents.We have same feelings, same fears... And then we have traditions, we have culture, and diferent meanings for different things.
We are a lot, we are a crowd, we are people, but most important, we are persons, not labels, not numbers, not stadistics.
European Union is good in too many ways, but is not respectful in too many others.
One of my trips there was with Calima, a music band I work with,during a Bulgarian tour.
We shoot this music video while we were on the village.

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